Elmaz Ismail

Head of Payments,

tbi bank



Elmaz Ismail is Head of Payments at tbi bank. She joined tbi in 2017 and is responsible for the activities of the department in executing all local and foreign currency payments of bank's clients via payment systems, reconciliation of all NOSTRO and SETTLEMENT accounts of the bank and monitoring all regulatory requirements and amendments that have to be implemented in all payment related banking systems and customer related documents. Elmaz is also responsible for the optimization and automatization of payment processes in the bank so that it offers a next gen customer experience.     


Her professionalism and passion to go above and beyond resulted in tbi becoming the first bank to offer instant payment in euro through SEPA Instant and in BGN through Blink program of The national card and payment scheme (NCPS), part of BORICA.  


She got her Master's degree in Finance from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.